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Posted by CirrusNine 21:15

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Thanks for posting your blogs and I really enjoy reading it. I cant believe that you actually bought $10 bucks for a coffee.:)

by Lisa C

Hi Lance!
Herer you are in aless developed country and who is home sick? ME! LOL. Hope all remains well. LOVE the blog! It's fun to travel along with you - can't wait to see the next posts and pics!

by Terry

I'd keep those Starbucks packets under wraps if I were you!

by Terry

You can get the bug "tennis racket" zapper at Harbor Freight here for 3 bucks (they're yellow here - I envy your blue one - LOL). We have 2 of them and they are great for flies in the house and of course the mosquitos. Flies will give you a big blue "POP". Kind of gross but then fun to see if you can get a bigger POP out of a different fly. . .hehehe

by Terry

Wow! Sounds like quite an adventure. I can't wait to see your pictures and hear about all the things your leaving out.

by Sue

Wow! Great shots and even better commentary! Love the crisp wit! This is like watching excerpts from an Indiana Jones movie and we don't have to smell it either. Glad you are with the couple for safety. Proud of you for your research and not getting outwitted! One smart yankee!

by Terry

Thanks for all your comments! I look forward to reading them whenever I have access to the Internet. Hope all is well back at the ranch. :)

by CirrusNine

Ranch is ok. Leon got escorted off premisies as you have probably read. Work is intense. Claudine due back yesterday or Tuesday - I forget - but she got sick - poor thing, so end result is MORE work. Stressed out. aka - all is normal on the Western Front.

by Terry

Hi everyone! I've disconnected from the real world for the most part so not up to date on work happenings.

I hope things aren't too crazy over there, Sue. I'll be back soon! Plenty of pictures to share.

Terry, thanks for your comments, they crack me up! I look forward to more mosquito zapping when I get back to GZ.

Lisa, I'm happy to say that coffee is everywhere in India and cheap too! A full breakfast with coffee, juice, eggs, toast, butter & Jam is $2.25 US.

Only two days left in India then I head back to Guangzhou. Not sure what the plans are but we may be going to Hainan and Hong Kong. Ada may not be able to go to HK and return to Guangzhou; Chinese citizens have an exit condition and it is only good for one exit. She plans to leave from HK on the 30th.

Take care and thanks for reading!


by CirrusNine

GREAT photos Lance and again, I love the commentary! Looks like you got quite a tan. Maybe we should take up a collection and send you someplace else exotic - that way we can feel like we've been there without enduring the heat and smells. Why. . .you're our own Avatar! Seriously good stuff. The pic of the silhouette in the boat lined up with the sun looks award-winning to me! I hope you intent to do something with your excellent photos upon your return - they're really great! Thanks again for sharing. Take good care, Terry

by Terry

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